March Research

We manage all of the pieces of a complicated product pick up for you. We will keep your project on target and on time.

We know it’s challenging when you need competitive product for a consumer taste test and need specific expiration dates or large quantities and don’t know how to get them. Brand Managers frequently have difficulty finding what they need or don’t have a resource to get what they need for their project.

Does your project require special handling to maintain frozen or refrigerated product? It’s all within our expertise. We deliver product in frozen, refrigerated or shelf-stable condition, per your company’s specifications.

Does your test require samples from different regions, or some specific location? We have shoppers all over the country who are ready to respond.

Do you need a Product Pickup with specific date codes, plant codes, etc? Our shoppers are trained to identify and meet detailed specifications: Date Codes, Plant Codes, Label Claims, Package Sizes and Types.

Need products from your competitors? Let March Research buy on your company’s behalf.

Let March Research Find It: Need a Product Pickup for Testing or Research?
Let us help.  We have the privilege of serving many of the largest consumer-products manufacturers in the world. We have long-standing relationships with well-known brands and leading marketing research companies.

Our Clients are: Manufacturers of Consumer Goods, Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Industrial Companies, & Marketing Research Organizations

When you delegate to March Research to find the samples you need, you and your company are free to focus attention where it’s needed most–on the project itself. To reach our team, call 818-889-9800 or email:

Testimonials from Global Market Research Companies

POSITIVE AND HELPFUL. I’ve been letting everyone in the office know what an enjoyable experience it’s been working with you.
— Tyler, Account Manager at Global Market Research Company
Everyone’s been super, super impressed with you this week. I can’t thank you enough. Word’s already traveled around about how well this is going, and I’ve had another team ask for your contact information, as well.
— Laura F., Research Manager from Global Research Company
Excellent – thanks for the quick call and for your expertise.
— Laura, Senior Account Manager from Global Market Research Company